Institute for Health Policy Directory of Faculty and Staff

Hong Su An, PhD

(517) 432-7285

Biometrics, Medicare and Medicaid, programming and statistical analysis, quality of care
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Kevin Brooks, MSc, PhD

Director, Program Evaluation & HSR Unit
(517) 432-8385

Health information technologies, health information exchange, biopharmaceutical and big-data analytics
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Audrey Craft, MS, LLP

Outreach Specialist
(517) 432-4222

Behavioral Health, children's special health care services, developmental disability, federal compliance, home and community-based services
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Debra Darling, RN, BSN

Director, Quality Improvement Programs
(517) 432-9822

Disease management, health care quality, managed care, quality improvement, risk management
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Joan Deschamps, BA

Outreach Specialist
(517) 432-9821

Community-based services, mental health, public health, special health care services, vulnerable populations
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Julie DuPuis, MPA

Data Resource Analyst
(517) 432-1701

Health care administration, health services research, Medicaid, policy analysis
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Sabrina Ford, PhD

Assistant Professor and Outreach Coordinator
(517) 432-8369

Health prevention programs evaluation, Medicaid, rural and urban health equity, health risk research, maternal and infant health, women’s health
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Erika Garcia, MPA

Data Resource Analyst
(517) 432-9807

Health information technologies, health services interventions, patient outcomes, policy analysis, program evaluation, research design
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Hyokyoung (Grace) Hong, MS, PhD

Assistant Professor
(517) 432-9826

Machine learning, high-dimensional data analysis, survival analysis, quantile regression, graphical models
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Laura Houdeshell-Putt, DrPH

Health Care Quality Project Coordinator
(517) 432-7229

Quality improvement, health information technologies, public health, epidemiology
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Christine Karl, RN, BA

Health Care Quality Project Coordinator
(517) 432-9829

Chronic disease management, health care ethics, maternal health, pediatrics, philosophy, quality improvement, vulnerable populations
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Courtney A. Lowe

Office Coordinator II
(517) 432-9830


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Zhehui Luo, MS, PhD

Associate Professor
(517) 884-3966

Epidemiology, health services research, statistics
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Dana McCarthy

Financial Administrator
(517) 432-4323

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Kathleen Oberst, RN, PhD

(517) 432-9824

Health services research, quality improvement, nursing, epidemiology
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Robert Orme, MS

Data Resource Analyst
(517) 432-4326

Medicaid, quality assurance, health services research
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Dennis M. Paradis, MPH

Executive Director, Michigan Health Policy Forum
(517) 353-1664

Health policy, education, Medicaid, public health, Michigan state legislature
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Molly Polverento, MSEd, CPH

Outreach Specialist
(517) 884-0434

Family medicine, health information technologies, medical education, public health
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Hanna Poole

Graduate Assistant
(517) 353-2289

Health services program evaluation, nursing
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Tom Renwick, JD

Outreach Specialist
(517) 432-9807


Brenden Smith

Clerical Assistant
(517) 432-4037


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Craig Smith

Student Info Tech Assistant II
(517) 355-0904

Kathy Stiffler, MA

Senior Advisor, Health Policy
(517) 353-5383


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Patrick Thompson, MS

Data Resource Analyst
(517) 353-9884

Data management, data science, epidemiology, informatics, program evaluation
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Meghan S. Vanderstelt, MPA

Director, Health Policy Unit
(517) 432-8364


Medicaid policy, health information technology, health information exchange, Clinical Community Linkages, health and human service integration
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