Program Evaluation & HSR

The Program Evaluation and Health Services Research (HSR) unit is led by Dr. Kathleen Oberst, RN, PhD. This has established two main goals:

  • Strengthen and extend the capacity of the Medicaid Services Administration (MSA) of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Capitalize on the data analytics, metrics, and collaborations with key provider and consumer stakeholders in order to develop research applications for extra-mural funding.

The unit has the capability to inform the Medicaid program through analyses of Medicaid and Medicare claim files and related data for which it has approval to access. Additional opportunities to work with these unique data sets may be available to other university researchers through Institute collaboration.

The Program Evaluation and Health Services Research team brings together a variety of skills and experience. Affiliated staff are experienced in secondary analyses of large complex data sets including claim file data from Medicare and Medicaid, vital records and other data sets. Other fields represented by the team include clinical expertise, data management, epidemiology, health economics, and statistics. Our team members include:

  • Hong Su An, PhD
  • Zhiheng Chen, MS
  • Julie DuPuis, MPA
  • Kathleen Oberst, RN, PhD
  • Robert Orme, MS
  • Erin Sarzynski, MD, MS
  • Patrick Thompson, MS

Affiliated faculty:

  • Hyokyoung (Grace) Hong, PhD
  • Zhehui Lou, MS, PhD
  • Molly Polverento, MS
  • Erin Sarzynski, MD, MS

If you would like more information about the activities of the Health Services Research unit and opportunities to collaborate, please contact Dr. Oberst.

Researchers Interested in Research Using Medicaid Data:

The Institute for Health Policy (IHP) has a formal relationship and Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) allowing IHP to obtain Medicaid data within the scope of that agreement. IHP does not own these data and is not permitted to release any without written authorization from authorized MDHHS Leadership. MSU faculty and staff wishing to engage in research and quality improvement projects involving the Michigan Medicaid population may collaborate with IHP to obtain warehouse data in accordance with the BAA and with written approval from MDHHS. Researchers will be required to seek IRB review and approval from MSU HRPP and also MDCH IRB as necessary prior to any data extraction. In the event that MSU HRPP deems a project not involving human subjects, copy of that correspondence should accompany the data request.