Health Policy

The Institute for Health Policy (IHP) is actively engaged in providing information and analysis on key areas of health policy to stakeholders and decision-makers. IHP is interested in health policy development at local, state, and national levels. We share a special interest in studying the relationships between and impacts of health policy on health service delivery and target population outcomes in Michigan.

The work of IHP goes beyond research and analysis to encompass educational and outreach efforts. IHP strives to bring balance to policy development by organizing opportunities for interested parties to learn more about topics of interest in a nonpartisan environment that fosters open dialogue.

Michigan Health Policy Forum

The Institute for Health Policy is the host of the Michigan Health Policy Forum. Michigan State University, with the guidance and financial support from health policy advocates from the private sector and state government, convenes national and state-level experts to discuss major health policy issues.

Visit the forum’s website to register your contact information to be notified of dates and topics for upcoming events. The website also provides links to an archive of selected past events.

Questions? Contact: Thomas Renwick, BA, JD


Activities in which IHP has explored policy implications include:

Access to Care

Evaluating changes in health care utilization and provider teams in response to program implementation or modifications

Behavioral Health

Educational seminars for health care professions and legislative leadership on intended/unintended consequences of state’s current behavioral health infrastructure

Disease Management

Educational seminars for case managers

Health Care Disparities

Analytic approaches to identify disparities in access and quality of care by demographics and social determinants of health

Health Information Technology

Evaluating impact of HIT investment in provision of health care services

Health Personnel

Work force monitoring and forecasting, education opportunities for health care professions

Local Public Health

Support for coordination and collaboration between partners in health

Long-Term Care

Analyses of care trajectories, home and community based care and nursing facility

Managed Care

Technical support for and evaluation of managed care quality strategies and care delivery

Maternal and Child Health

Technical support and educational seminars for maternal and infant health statewide strategic planning and policy advancement


Educational seminars for health care professions

Opioid Epidemic

Educational seminar for health care professions and analyses of opioid use among Michigan residents

Pharmacy Costs

Educational seminars for health care professions and legislative leadership on the approaches taken by other states to control pharmacy costs

Quality Improvement

Educational seminars for health care professions and support for care delivery projects

Senior Health

Educational seminars for health care professions and community organizations regarding health demands created by an aging population and the state’s ability/resources to meet those demands

Social Determinants of Health

Educational seminars for health care professions and legislative leadership on the health and financial impacts resulting from social determinants of health

Other areas of interest:

  • Affordable Care Act
  • Cost Containment
  • Elder Abuse
  • Firearm Violence
  • Health Care Financing
  • Health Promotion
  • Preventative Services


Latest News

Institute for Health Policy partners with IPPSR for Legislator Education

Special long-term project supports health and wellness

Michigan State University’s Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR) will partner with the Institute for Health Policy (IHP) to create a hub for critical policy leadership, education and learning. The Michigan Health Endowment Fund announced a $434,891 grant to IPPSR on November 25, 2018.

The grant is part of a group of special projects and emerging ideas awards to 30 Michigan organizations across the state working to improve the health and wellness of state residents, the Health Fund said in its announcement.

“We are thrilled to be among the recipients,” said Arnold Weinfeld, interim director of IPPSR in MSU’s College of Social Science.

The Health Fund’s special projects and emerging ideas awards are by invitation only and are designed to support projects with prospects for significant statewide impact on the health of Michigan residents, Weinfeld said.

IPPSR’s project builds on the successes of its long-term Legislative Leadership Program, launched in 1994.

Through the grant, IPPSR will partner with the Institute for Health Policy to create a special health track designed to enhance understanding of health challenges and policy.

The Legislative Leadership Program already invites new members of Michigan’s House of Representatives and Michigan Senate to engage in a unique policy learning experience in the brief time between election and their first legislative sessions. “This is a further enhancement of MSU building status as a hub for policy information and education,” Weinfeld said.