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Dr. Hong Su An is a programming and statistical analyst in the Institute for Health Policy at Michigan State University (MSU). Dr An's Ph.D. in Forestry from MSU focused on sampling and statistical modeling. While earning his Ph.D. he worked at the MSU College of Nursing Research Center as a statistical analyst.

Dr. An's current research focuses on applying and developing a model to provide quality of care for the Medicare and Medicaid population. He is working to make a transition model between medical services and to find the effect of Electronic Health Records (EHR) on quality of care and lab tests. As a biometrician, he is interested in sampling and modeling methods to help decision making for human and natural resources management.

Dr. An's previous research focused on developing a sampling method for rare events and estimating the parameters using a model assisted method. Dr. An was an instructor for Forest Biometry and Forest Management in MSU Department of Forestry.