Institute for
Health Policy

College of Human Medicine

Technical Assistance

IHP provides technical assistance to MDCH and Michigan Medicaid health plans in the areas of quality improvement and accreditation. Examples of technical assistance provided to plans include focus groups, data analysis, assistance with quality improvement documentation and quality improvement education developed for plan staff.

Health plans interested in discussing TA should contact Kathleen Oberst.

NCQA Seminars

IHP also offers accreditation seminars targeting Michigan Medicaid managed care plans in conjunction with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

Case Management/Disease Management Plan Assessment

At the request of MDCH, IHP conducted a collaborative review of health plan Disease Management and Case Management programs. This review focused on program integration and communication, registries and staffing.  Results were provided to individual plans, and an aggregate report was prepared to MDCH.

Michigan Medicaid developed a comprehensive assessment of disease and case management programs in contracted health plans, focusing on integration, staffing, stratification, registries, and evaluation.  Criteria were developed collaboratively with Michigan States University's Institute for Health Policy and DMAA.  Written assessments were conducted for each plan, followed by on-site interviews.  Pre-assessment and on-site findings were combined and analyzed for each targeted review element.  Results were documented for each plan and aggregated across all plans.  Commonalities and differences were identifies, along with best practices among the plans.  Plan-specific reports were disseminated, and aggregate findings were reported to MDCH.  MDCH has included this activity in the Medicaid performance bonus and will work with plans to integrate and improve disease and case management programs.

Project Contact: Kathleen Oberst