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Statewide Learning Collaborative


The two leading causes of infant mortality in Michigan are Low Birth Weight (LBW) and Prematurity, which account for Michigan’s ranking 17th in the United States in 2012. In order to decrease the infant mortality rate and also the disparities between African Americans and Whites, MDHHS proposes to use Statewide Learning Collaboratives for improvement as a framework. The Model will be used to reduce infant mortality rates in Michigan by:

  1. addressing low birth weight (LBW) and prematurity;
  2. improving processes of care; and
  3. helping reduce the infant mortality disparities across race and ethnicity.

The Learning Collaborative activities address Goal #3 of the 2016-2017 Infant Mortality Reduction Plan; and will be used as a part of the Communities of Practice calls to share ideas and information.

Those that:

  1. Organize collaborative or partnership with a lead group/entity
  2. Addressing low birth weight and prematurity
  3. Establish indicators and metrics
  4. Employ and sustain PDSA cycle
  5. Able to gather data and report data

Action items:

Developing a collaborative initiative addressing low birth weight or prematurity

Actively participating in/attending the Learning Collaborative sessions

Developing interventions to address low birth weight or prematurity

Defining outcome indicators and metrics for the purpose of evaluating outcomes

During action periods (between the learning sessions), test and implement change ideas locally, and then reflect, learn, and refine these tests (PDSA cycle)

Identifying mechanisms to collect and report data to measure the impact of the changes

Presenting findings and lessons learned at IM Advisory Council Meetings, Learning Collaborative sessions and Communities of Practice calls/webinars

Committing to achieve sustainable change related to low birth weight and premature births


These are designed for organizations committed to achieving sustainable change within Low birth weight or prematurity and will last anywhere from 10- to 12-months. Learning Collaboratives include three large meetings with approximately 3-4 month action periods in between meetings. Through shared learning, teams from a variety of organizations work with each other and faculty to rapidly test and implement changes designed to bring about sustained improvement. The goal is to build collaboration and to support the teams/local communities as they try out new ideas.

If you and/or your team are interested in participating in this Learning Collaborative and joining us on September 16th at The Henry Center in Lansing, MI please fill out this document and return to by August 4th