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Executive Director, Michigan Health Policy Forum

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Dennis M. Paradis MPH has enjoyed a long career in health policy working both within government as the health policy consultant to the Michigan House of Representatives and the Michigan Senate and external to state government with several health related organizations including the Michigan Hospital Association, the Michigan State Medical Society and the Michigan Association of Health Maintenance Organizations. Most recently, Mr. Paradis retired as executive director of the Michigan Osteopathic Association. For the past 18 months, Mr. Paradis has worked at the Michigan State University Institute for Health Policy on a variety of health-related projects including the Michigan Health Policy Forum and he serves as adjunct faculty for the MSU Public Health Program.

Mr. Paradis completed his undergraduate degree in psychology at Michigan State University and his Masters degree and doctoral work at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. Mr. Paradis is an accomplished healthcare executive with extensive experience in health policy and hospital and physician issues. The thread of continuity running throughout his nearly four decades of work in health policy is his role as translator between the world of health policy in the world of health politics. Mr. Paradis began his career in health policy is an intern for Legis 50: The Center for Legislative Improvement which was a multi-state project to demonstrate that the quality health policy decision-making improved through the use of nonpartisan, professional staff. Mr. Paradis lives in Williamston, Michigan with his wife, Janet Olszewski.

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