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Activity Log

The Infant Mortality Advisory Council has asked community stakeholders to complete the attached activity log (or high level work plan) so we can better align the priorities of local, regional, and statewide work with the Infant Mortality Reduction Plan. Click here to view the entire Activity Log.


If you are interested in adding your work to this activity log:

  1. Click here to download the word document. You will find examples under goal 5 and goal 2.
  2. Carefully review the attached document and share your work that relates to one of the nine Infant Mortality Reduction Plan Goals/Strategies. We are asking for high level summaries and that you think broadly.
  3. Send this document to to add to the larger document.
  4. Please consider forwarding this email trail to external partners that you work with who would be appropriate to add projects to the log. This work will be most successful if we obtain broad information.